Whether you are able to commit to a certain volunteer time each week or simply want to drop in when you have time we have a place for you.  Please fill out our online form above from the drop down list or print off a copy below.

  • Animal Caretaker: Whether dogs or cats, we have the opportunity to work directly with animals. This volunteer would help us feed, clean, and provide some enrichment (play/cuddle time) for our animals. Schedules will vary depending on animal, but can range from 8am – 5pm.
  • Dogs Walkers: This activity can be done anytime throughout the day and week. We are always looking for more walkers to keep our pups happy and healthy.
  • Office/Reception: If you would like to help, but prefer to work up front with people, we have opportunities to work in the office helping with phones, data entry, pet information for potential adoptees, etc.
  • Special Events: Help with on and offsite events to promote and champion our mission of animal welfare.
  • Fostering: Having the chance to foster some of our animals is a great way to socialize and care for any special needs (i.e. baby kittens still needing bottles).
  • Projects: Volunteering doesn’t always mean coming in to do animal care work. If you have a special ability (media, photography, sewing, web knowledge, building, maintenance, etc), we would love for you to do what you do best and help the shelter. If you are interested in helping us using your own unique abilities, please give me a call at 642-1576 to chat with me about how we can utilize your talents :)
  • Group Volunteer Days: If you are involved with a group (work, school, social, church, etc) and you are looking for a volunteer project, we would love to arrange a trip to come see us! Depending on your group and talents therein, we can set up special projects (i.e. mending outdoor kennels, planting flowers, landscaping, cleaning, animal care, painting, etc). Please contact me if you’re interested in group volunteer day/projects you and your group may want to participate in.

Please come down and visit the shelter! We can always use volunteer help, and you will find that it is very rewarding to help homeless animals. Make good friends of the four-legged and two-legged variety. We look forward to meeting you soon!

To volunteer at Western Hills Humane Society, please print out the Western Hills Humane Society Volunteer Application, fill it out completely and bring it to the shelter.