Chihuahua Updates

April 26th, 2015 is a day to remember for Western Hills Humane Society.  An early morning call was received from the police informing the shelter that they had confiscated 36 toy breed dogs and six cats from a Trailblazer in the Walmart parking lot.  WHHS staff and volunteers arrived to find the animals scared and covered in their own feces.


One year later, a different story unfolds!  Today, we celebrate the happy endings for the animals that were placed into loving fur-ever homes.  In addition to the 36 animals found in the vehicle there were an additional 17 puppies born in foster care, with the last Chihuahua puppy being officially adopted on March 4, 2016.  Below are a handful of happy ending stories from proud pet parents.

“Little Bit is doing well, she had minor surgery this past week for a belly button hernia but it only slowed her down for one day.  She loves her two sisters and also loves tormenting them.  The two I had before adopting Little Bit turned nine this year and needless to say don’t have the energy that she has.  She has been a delightful addition to our family and I would always recommend adoption of a pet and always recommend Western Hills Humane Society.  Thank You so much for all your hard work and for being such a wonderful asset to our community.” – K. Larsen


“Gunny is doing great. We are amazed we have only had the little guy for a year. He is a very well behaved puppy, with the exception of squeaky toys. He has killed about 15 toys. I am sort of proud that he killed a heavy duty toy meant for hunting dogs in 15 minutes. We had a little trouble with getting him house broken, but he is much better now that we followed our vets recommendation to keep him crated when we are out.

At night he sleeps in his crate till around midnight when he gets on the bed and snuggles down with us. We take him for a ride every week. He still gets really excited when it’s time to go and takes a while to settle down, but we put a bed in the car and after a bit he settles down.

The last time we had him weighed at the vet he was 7.6 lbs. the vet thinks he is a little heavy, but with the weather turning better, he will be out in the yard more. He loves his yard and loves being outside. He really enjoys the snow and he bounds around in it chasing snowflakes.

As you may be able to guess, I really love our little Gunny. He sticks close to both of us, but mostly me. His energy and silliness makes the day brighter for all of us.” – B. Hayes

roxie“Her name is now Roxie and she is doing great. She has a cat as her best friend and everyone who meets Roxie falls in love with her. She hasn’t grown much, she might weigh 3 pounds.” – D. Withrow


“Vera is doing great. She’s the most lovable dog; always cuddling and giving kisses. She has a lot of toys and loves to play with and de-stuff them all. She’s a great girl, and we love her lots!

We have found her sister (in Spearfish) and her mom (in Rapid City). We’ve already planned a play date with her sister, Mini.” – R. M.

Rosie“Rosie is doing great! We love her so much she is so sweet. Loves to cuddle.” –   M. Markel






Tillie“Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a year already since Tillie came into our lives. She has been such an incredible addition to our family!  Thank you for allowing us to adopt her, you will never know how much she truly means to us!” – Sincerely, Todd & Sheilagh C.

Sweet RosieThis is Rosie, she was one of the “older” puppies at the time of the rescue.  She was estimated to be approximately eight weeks old. Rosie was placed into a foster home and it didn’t take her foster mom long to fall deeply in love with her.  She is living happily ever after with her new furever family.